What to expect and do after a Grommet insertion

This procedure is usually done as a day-case, so you can expect to go home on the same day as the surgery

When the procedure is done for glue ear, hearing usually improves immediately following surgery. Balance often improves as well. I usually prescribe ear drops – Cylodex post-op. These drops should be given in the ear and pumped through the grommet twice a day for about 5 days following grommet insertion (Dr Van Straten will demonstrate this on the day of surgery).

Grommet insertion is not a painful procedure. If combined with an adenoidectomy, pain tablets may be necessary for a few days.

Is my child allowed to swim with grommets:

You child is generally not required to wear swimming ear plugs after grommets, as long as he / she will not be diving more than 1 meter below to surface of the water. If he / she likes swimming to the bottom of the pool or frequent ear infections is a problem, swimming ear plugs is recommended.

A discharging ear:

If a discharge develops from the ear, it is usually due to a infection of the ear. This is fortunately easily treated in most cases with simple antibiotic ear drops. Please contact me if you suspect an ear infection

Follow up:

I usually see my patients about 1 week following the grommet insertion. This is a quick 5 minute consultation – the purpose being to make sure that the grommet hasn’t blocked with some blood following the surgery. A blocked grommet will not function properly and needs to be unblocked.

Grommets usually stay in place for roughly 6 months after which they fall out. They may however fall out earlier or stay in longer - even up to 3 years or more. Dr Van Straten or your GP or pediatrician can check every 6 months to determine if they are still in or not. Very rarely grommets not fall out spontaneously. I this is case – Dr Van Straten will discuss the management options with you.

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