The Gape Gate consulting rooms situated at 48 Tanner Street, are just down the road from Cape Gate Mediclinic. Parking is available both just off the street and behind the building.


The Paarl consultation rooms are located on the second floor of the CureDay Hospital. There is a basement parking facility. Direct access to the stairs or lift is accessible from the underground parking area. Clear signage will direct you to the consultation room.


Please take some time to complete your patient information sheet online prior to your first appointment.

Your consultation will start with a thorough history. You can expect a general ear, nose and throat examination, with certain areas being examined more thoroughly depending on the symptoms. With ear complaints, it may be required to first clean your ears. Examination of the ear canal under the microscope may be necessary. With nose, sinus, voice or throat symptoms and sometimes certain ear complaints, a small fibre-optic camera may be passed via your nose to allow proper visualization of these areas.

Depending on the problem, further investigations/tests may be required following the appointment. This may involve special tests such as a hearing test done by an audiologist, blood tests or x-ray examinations.

In certain cases, you may be required to return for one or more follow-up consultations. It is important that you understand my findings, what your treatment plan involves and what your role might be in achieving the best outcome. Please feel free to ask questions at any stage.